Meet Our Dedicated Staff

Webster Psychiatry & Medicine (WP&M) is a private practice established in 2007 by Dr. Sahar Elezabi. We are a unique private practice specializing in adult psychiatric evaluations, medication management, and individual therapy. We specialize in treating adults; additionally, each clinician has their own subspecialty expertise, and overlapping areas of expertise allow for second opinions and comprehensive treatment.

Sahar Elezabi

Sahar Elezabi, MD MPH CPE

Dr. Elezabi is the Founder and Medical Director of Webster Psychiatry & Medicine...

Marilyn “Lyn” Sulli

Marilyn “Lyn” Sullivan, RN NPP

Lyn Sullivan, RN, NPP joined Webster Psychiatry & Medicine in 2008...

Webster Psychiatry & Medicine, PLLC

Laura DiGravio

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Webster Psychiatry & Medicine, PLLC

Sera Anderson

Sera Anderson continues to be our front desk administrator but now part-time as she returns to college full time.

Webster Psychiatry & Medicine, PLLC

Nora Farah

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