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Q: Do I need a referral to be seen at WP&M?

A: No, you do not need a referral from another doctor to be seen by one of the providers at WP&M. To make an appointment, simply call the office at (585) 670 0507 and inform the receptionist that you would like to schedule your first appointment. If you do have a referral from another doctor, it is always helpful for your doctor(s) to share information with our doctors. A formal request to share confidential information will be discussed with you upon your first visit.

Q: Will my insurance cover my visit?

A: At WP&M, our clinicians are providers for Excellus BCBS and Aetna. Mental health coverage is separate and sometimes different from your physical health coverage. Few plans ask for pre-authorization by your PCP before you are allowed to use your mental health benefits and regulate the number of authorized visits. Most plans cover your outpatient mental health visits whether to a psychiatrist or therapist as a co-pay and some as a co-insurance. The difference between a co-insurance and co-pay is that you have to pay your yearly deductible before the insurance starts covering the visit at pre-set percentage of the allowed billable dollar amount of the visit

Q: What forms of payment do you accept and do you take self-insured patients?

A: Yes we do. Also if we are not on your insurance panel, you may have an "out of network mental health benefits". Such benefits reimburse you for the cost of your visit at a certain percentage of usual and customary rates. We collect payment at the time of service. For your convenience, we accept cash and major credit cards. If your financial situation is unique, our Office Manager is available to discuss setting up payment plans as necessary. If your situation is different than otherwise described here, please call our office to discuss how we may assist you in obtaining the care you desire.

Q: What should I expect on the first visit?

A: We ask that you plan to arrive about 15 minutes early for your first visit at WP&M. This allows time to fill out necessary paperwork prior to the first visit, and allows time for unexpected difficulties getting to our office. If you are bringing a family member or a friend, the provider will likely want to meet with you first. At the end of the first visit, you and your provider will arrive at a plan for the next step(s) in your care. If medication is requested, it may or may not be prescribed during your first visit, depending on individual circumstances. Most first visits are between 45 and 75 minutes, depending on clinical needs and ability to cover desired information. If all the important information cannot be covered in the first visit, plans will be made for a second visit to cover the other related issues. If you have records from any prior evaluation elsewhere, we ask that you have such records forward to our office prior to your Intake Evaluation, if possible, for review by your provider at WP&M.

Q: Is my visit confidential?

A: Yes! Our office is compliant with HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act) policies and we will not share any information about you or your visit(s) unless you authorize such release or transfer of information. If you would like your records sent to another clinician, we ask that you either fill out one of our "Authorization For Release of Information" forms or that you otherwise execute a written release of information. We take confidentiality very seriously and we follow the legal definitions and parameters of keeping your information private. If you have specific questions about the legal limits of confidentiality, please ask our staff at WP&M.

Q: Do you see patients in the hospital?

A: While we do collaborate with the local hospitals, psychiatric and non-psychiatric, our practice is an outpatient practice only. Whether you are coming out of the hospital, or going in to a hospital, our doctors will work closely with, or recommend, a specific doctor for your inpatient needs. For psychiatric hospitalizations, our clinicians work very closely with the inpatient doctor to maximize the efficiency and benefits of your stay. Our goal is to make your continuity of care seamless and as comfortable and efficient as possible. We have the necessary forms in our office to permit exchanges of records and information at your request.

Q: Does WP&M provide emergency services?

A: Our clinicians do provide emergency services for existing patients only. During your first visit, and on our office voice mail, we explain how to utilize emergency services from WP&M and from the community. A covering clinician is available for true psychiatric emergencies 24 hours per day, by pager, for phone consultation and planning utilization of community resources. Additionally community resources include:

  • Your local emergency room.
  • You may utilize your local hospital and emergency room for psychiatric emergencies. All hospitals have the capability to evaluate psychiatric emergencies and provide an acute plan for needed services.
  • Your primary care doctor or 911 for emergency assistance.

Q: How do I get records from another doctor forward to WP&M?

A: Most providers will not release your confidential medical or mental health records without your permission. To have records sent to WP&M, simply specifically request that your pertinent records be sent to our office. It is best to make this request in writing and either delivered or faxed to the sending office. Feel free to utilize our "Authorization For Release of Information" form which you can download from this website or obtain from our office.

Q: Does WP&M provide "Second Opinions"?

A: Yes. A second opinion is simply another clinician doing a separate, independent evaluation. This second evaluation will result in an "opinion" from the clinician about the diagnosis and treatment plan that can be compared to any prior evaluation(s). It is not uncommon for many of our clients to have been treated elsewhere prior to coming to WP&M. It is up to you to decide if you want our doctor to have the information from any prior evaluation(s) at the time of your Intake Evaluation at WP&M. It is usually more helpful to have all prior evaluations reviewed prior to your first appointment at WP&M so that our doctor can focus more closely on the concerning issue(s) and spend less time on issues previously investigated by other doctors. After the Intake Evaluation, you are free to follow up with our recommendations with our clinicians or take your treatment elsewhere.
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